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Nyko PowerPak+ (3DS battery)

There have been three primary complaints about the 3DS: a hefty pricetag, an inexcusable lack of 3D games, and poor battery life.  The first has been solved by way of an eye-popping pricedrop, the second is still a significant problem for our favorite fledgling handheld, and the third may be (?) solved in future iterations … Continue reading

NES Open Tournament Golf (3DS / NES)

NES Open Tournament Golf A throwback to simpler times I’m probably not the best possible reviewer for this title.  I’ve played mini-golf a few dozen times and pitch&putt exactly once (I was absolutely terrible).  I neither watch nor follow any professional sports, and I could probably count every legitimate video sport I’ve ever played on … Continue reading

Yoshi (3DS / NES)

Yoshi It’s a puzzler. Meh? I’d never played this one before, and I have to be honest, I don’t recall anyone ever mentioning it to me.  Looking back, I’m not surprised I missed it; the game debuted in 1992–more than a year after the launch of the SNES–and I don’t think I even had my … Continue reading

Donkey Kong Jr. (3DS / NES)

Donkey Kong Jr. Easier than the arcade version, and nearly as good. Some of my earliest gaming memories are of DK Jr., though I wasn’t playing it in the arcade or on an NES, but rather on the legendary ColecoVision console system.  One of my best friends had a fully loaded Coleco system, including a … Continue reading

Ice Climber (3DS / NES)

Ice Climber (Am I really chasing a condor that stole my eggplant?) As a devoted collector of classic NES carts, I’d been lusting after this one for a while.  It’s a great feeling to be a full-fledged adult (so they tell me, anyway) who still hasn’t played all of the original ‘black box’ NES games.  … Continue reading

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)

Just one more review telling you to play this game. Sin & Punishment is no secret anymore; the launch of the US sequel (Star Successor) generated rave reviews from critics and fans alike.  I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of praise. Shooters, especially ones that hearken back to arcade-style bullet hell … Continue reading