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Nintendo Games that DEMAND sequels, part 2

If you didn’t catch the earlier entry in this series (#5 and #4), be sure to check it out in the “Discussion and Debate” section. Now, for #3.  This entry was meant to include at least two games, but I ended up writing more than I planned, so entries #2 and #1 will have to … Continue reading

Nintendo Games that DEMAND sequels (part 1)

Hi there, Everyone loves to talk about great games that NEED sequels, so in two parts, I’m offering up 5 Nintendo-platform games that beg to be sequel-ized.  Please leave me your feedback and thoughts! #5 Metroid Prime Pinball (DS) Released to US audiences in 2005, this is not a title I played at launch.  Honestly, … Continue reading

Cave Story 3D (3DS)

A Little Background . . . By now, most people have heard of (or played) Cave Story in one of it’s various forms.  Originally a freeware PC game, then ported to the WiiWare service, this humble little piece of heaven became something of a legend in the gaming community.  Combining the look of NES-era classics, … Continue reading

Rhythm Heaven (DS)

More than 2 years old, I’ve had almost no excuse for not playing Rhythm Heaven before now.  Well, no excuse, except for the fact that I’ve been buried under a pile of incredible, almost-as-awesome games.  I’m also an out-of-the-closet “saver”; this is to say I regularly “save” things.  For instance, if I hear of an especially good … Continue reading

For Love Of The Puzzle (Or, Why Do You Game?)

Since this is a fairly long entry, I’d like to preface it by saying that this post grew out of my own musings on the question “So, self, why do you like to play video games so much?”.  With that question in mind, I’d love to not only hear your opinions on my argument, but … Continue reading

Video Game Tee-Shirts

I’m thinking ahead to the holidays.  Some of tee-shirts below are ones that I might buy for myself; others are gift ideas for other gamers. I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE GAME TEE-SHIRTS!  Post a description or a link to your favorite gaming tee-shirts.   I’m looking for good recommendations and ideas, so your input … Continue reading