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The Green Room (download the album here!)

I have added this post to my Nintendo site out of the need to have a single place where I can direct people to get a copy, but also because my interest in 8bit and video game music had a direct influence on the recording process.  It may not be evident in all songs, but I can promise that the 1000s of hours of video games I’ve played have had an impact on my creative mind.  ;’]


In the fall of 2008 through the summer of 2009, I fulfilled one of my life’s ambitions.  As a lifelong fan of rock music (as well as experimental music of all genres), I purchased a new computer with the sole intention of recording an “album” (quotes intentional).  I’ve never suffered from any driving desire for fame or public notoriety, yet I do tend to experience strong artistic impulses that require constant forms of outlet.  Music is one of these outlets.

Recording my own, original “album” was something I’d wanted to do for a very long time, and the creation of a full-length piece of music would be, I hoped, a process that would allow me to improve my skills as a musician.  I grew up playing the trumpet for more than 10 years, but when I bought myself an electric guitar in 1996, I never looked back.

The Green Room "album" cover (ghost is a linoleum block print I made for first 100 copies)

Fast forward to 2009.  With Garageband as my launching pad, the eventual result of 100+ hours of work was my first album entitled “The Green Room”.  I’m pretty close to the flame, and so I find it difficult to comment on the final product, but I’m generally happy with the way the “album” sounds, regardless of my amateur status.  The Green Room is, in it’s own bizarre way, a statement of my fundamental artistic intentions and ideals (whatever that may mean) but more importantly, certainly helped me to become a better artist while venting a whole lot of noisy musical steam.

Now that I’ve bored you to tears, download the album here

My only request is for your comments and input.  Harsh criticism won’t hurt my feelings, and empty praise does little to help me with future projects.  I love to hear your real reactions, opinions and ideas regarding anything I create (written, musical, or otherwise), so be sure to stop back here after you’ve digested the album and let me know how, or where, it struck you.  I look forward to knowing exactly how The Green Room infected your brain.



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