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31 Swapnotes in 31 Days.

Each year, there is a multi-city, international art project called “Fun A Day”. The goal (or challenge) is for an artist to create one piece of art every day during the month of January. See artclash.com for more information.

For my first Fun A Day project, I chose to employ a piece of free software called “Swapnote” (Nintendo 3DS). The basic function of SN is to allow users to exchange short (3D) messages and pictures via stylus and touchscreen.

The timing was fortuitous; Swapnote debuted just days before the new year. . . just as I was scrambling for ideas for my January FaD project.

The unique features of SN made a perfect medium; not only does the software “track” your sketch process (records your brushstrokes in real time), the integrated social network of SN means that a user can receive nearly instantaneous feedback from an audience. It has some interesting limits and caveats as well; a very limited supply of “ink” forces an artist toward brevity, while the ability to draw and display in 3D (not visible in this video) inspires incredible new concepts.

I sought out about 40 users from various gaming networks and message boards, linked my system to theirs, and began drawing.


I’m a terrible sketch artist but I love to doodle cartoons; i’ve been doing it since I was a wee lad. My Fun a Day project never felt like anything more than Fun–goal achieved–but i also met with some surprising success. I received a shockingly warm response from numerous daily readers. To keep this video to a manageable length, I have edited out most of their commentary, but I genuinely appreciated ALL of their time and attention, and most of all, their input into my experiment. Suffice to say, the number of positive comments exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you to everyone who participated.

The background music is from my first “album” entitled “The Green Room”, a self-recorded piece of something. Something–that’s all I can say. Shoot me a message if you want to download a copy–I’m happy to poison your brain a little more. ;’]

The video you see here is a short sampling of the 31 day project; I’ll be presenting a DVD of the entire 31 day process (including all comments and replies!) at the Philadelphia FaD show (Feb 10-11, 2012); check out http://www.artclash.com for more information. Comments welcome!




One thought on “31 Swapnotes in 31 Days.

  1. Happy to say I was able to see//comment//experience these swapnotes “live.” That was a pretty cool project you had going on, man. I definitely enjoyed it…btw, I’m downloading tGR at the moment, so I’ll be giving you some feedback in a bit : D

    Posted by jack19992 | July 26, 2012, 7:10 am

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