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An Open Letter to Nintendo: What You’re Getting Right

  04April2012 Dear Miyamoto, Iwata, Reggie, Mario, et al: As a lifelong player of Nintendo systems and games, I’ve been with your company through thick and thin.  Some of my earliest memories of gaming include the tabletop versions of Mario’s Cement Factory and Popeye.  I’ve been along for the crazy roller coaster of Nintendo’s ups … Continue reading

Three Stupid Ways to Spend all of your money, STAT

#1: Nintendo Love Tester Never heard of this before, but apparently, in 1969 (Summer of Love, yup yup) the same man who went on to invent the Gameboy debuted this handy little number.  No, I’m not joking.  Nintendo’s history of goofy peripherals goes all the way back to the 60s. Current Price to Test Your … Continue reading

Nintendo Games that DEMAND a sequel (FINAL INSTALLMENT!)

As I said in the previous installment, if I could demand a sequel l for only one of the games in my list, I’d probably go with Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure.  HH is a 1 out of 100 kind of game, the sort of perfectly balanced experience that only comes along once or … Continue reading

Nintendo Games that DEMAND sequels (part 3)

UPDATED 03Jan11: Below is the third entry in my countdown of five epic games (native to Nintendo consoles) that really should get sequels.  As part of my series, I wrote to some of the designers and developers behind these deserving titles. Kyle Gray, the main brain (and Director) behind the DS-exclusive Henry Hatsworth and the … Continue reading

Nintendo Games that DEMAND sequels, part 2

If you didn’t catch the earlier entry in this series (#5 and #4), be sure to check it out in the “Discussion and Debate” section. Now, for #3.  This entry was meant to include at least two games, but I ended up writing more than I planned, so entries #2 and #1 will have to … Continue reading

Nintendo Games that DEMAND sequels (part 1)

Hi there, Everyone loves to talk about great games that NEED sequels, so in two parts, I’m offering up 5 Nintendo-platform games that beg to be sequel-ized.  Please leave me your feedback and thoughts! #5 Metroid Prime Pinball (DS) Released to US audiences in 2005, this is not a title I played at launch.  Honestly, … Continue reading

For Love Of The Puzzle (Or, Why Do You Game?)

Since this is a fairly long entry, I’d like to preface it by saying that this post grew out of my own musings on the question “So, self, why do you like to play video games so much?”.  With that question in mind, I’d love to not only hear your opinions on my argument, but … Continue reading

Feeling like an ADHD gamer?

I was recently clicking around the web and came across a video article that posed the question “Are we on the verge of a second video-game crash?”.  Not being one to watch video reviews on a regular basis (I prefer print), I didn’t spend much time with it.  The article focused mainly on the increasingly … Continue reading

Survey: Do you finish games?

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