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31 Swapnotes in 31 Days.

Each year, there is a multi-city, international art project called “Fun A Day”. The goal (or challenge) is for an artist to create one piece of art every day during the month of January. See artclash.com for more information. For my first Fun A Day project, I chose to employ a piece of free software … Continue reading

Three Stupid Ways to Spend all of your money, STAT

#1: Nintendo Love Tester Never heard of this before, but apparently, in 1969 (Summer of Love, yup yup) the same man who went on to invent the Gameboy debuted this handy little number.  No, I’m not joking.  Nintendo’s history of goofy peripherals goes all the way back to the 60s. Current Price to Test Your … Continue reading

The Green Room (download the album here!)

I have added this post to my Nintendo site out of the need to have a single place where I can direct people to get a copy, but also because my interest in 8bit and video game music had a direct influence on the recording process.  It may not be evident in all songs, but … Continue reading

Video Game Tee-Shirts

I’m thinking ahead to the holidays.  Some of tee-shirts below are ones that I might buy for myself; others are gift ideas for other gamers. I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE GAME TEE-SHIRTS!  Post a description or a link to your favorite gaming tee-shirts.   I’m looking for good recommendations and ideas, so your input … Continue reading

Off Book: Video Games (PBS Arts)

Here is a neat 7 min. video providing a slick, enthusiastic summary of some of the bullet points one might use in a debate as to “why exactly are video games important to society”. http://youtu.be/w0ERL20lr1U Thanks to A. Black for the forward.  

An awesome piece of art for your wall or phone

I really liked this piece of art, which can be purchased in various forms for your viewing pleasure. Buy it here: http://society6.com/igo2cairo/Haunted-House_Print