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ZombiU Post-Play Review

There will be no overt spoilers in this review, however, I do discuss the game in general, so if you 100% plan on playing ZombiU, you may wish to avoid reading to maintain your own objectivity. I picked up ZombiU on launch day along with Nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros U. Of these 3 titles, ZombiU contains the most … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Nintendo: What You’re Getting Right

  04April2012 Dear Miyamoto, Iwata, Reggie, Mario, et al: As a lifelong player of Nintendo systems and games, I’ve been with your company through thick and thin.  Some of my earliest memories of gaming include the tabletop versions of Mario’s Cement Factory and Popeye.  I’ve been along for the crazy roller coaster of Nintendo’s ups … Continue reading